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Australia’s first people have known of the beneficial qualities of eucalyptus for millennia and more recently in 1789, First Fleet assistant surgeon Denis Considen also identified the potential therapeutic qualities of eucalyptus oil. Samples were sent to England for testing but unfortunately were largely ignored.

From the 1850’s through to the mid twentieth century, the popularity of eucalyptus oil escalated and Australia was considered a major world supplier. Since that time quality eucalyptus species have been exported as seed to many other countries, which consequently diminished Australia’s share of the eucalyptus oil market.

Soldiers returning from both World Wars, seeking an independent and self-sufficient form of income undertook much of the early Australian eucalyptus oil production. This led to the industry being considered rustic, informal and reasonably labour intensive.

These methods of harvesting leaf were quite destructive, with selected trees cut to around 1.7m in height in order to facilitate ease of harvesting which occurred biennially following regrowth. Species considered to be of no commercial value were ring barked and destroyed. Fortunately this did not diminish the level of oil obtained and a monoculture of species was avoided.

In some respects we are following a similar path to early producers and have chosen to adopt a completely off-grid and independent, small-scale approach to the creation of our oil ~ with just a few tweaks and enhancements.

We selectively identify which leaves are to be harvested and early in the morning, hand pick and carry to the still in small, aromatic batches. The leaves are steam distilled using clear, unpolluted mountain rainwater, which produces oil and hydrosol that is distinctive, ethical and of high quality.

By employing hand selection of trees and leaves, we ensure our eucalypts are protected to provide further sustainable harvests well into the future. 

Our still operates high in the mountains at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. The reduced air pressure and lower boiling point at this altitude allows our leaves to be distilled gently. The leaves are not processed using super heated or elevated temperature steam, resulting in what we consider to be a very pure and soft product. We do not redistill, believing our end product is effective without additional and often aggressive post processing.

The oil we produce is the pure essence of the Snowy Mountains High Country and even when diluted, the clean, unique peppermint smell is  distinctive and quintessentially of the Australian bush.

Our oil products are available as:



~ Eucalyptus radiata essential oil. A potent concentrated oil, with unique peppermint fragrance and golden colour.

~ Lx intermedia Grosso essential oil. A fragrant lavender oil with subtle honey undertones.

~ Our most popular essential oil, with equal quantities of Lx intermedia Grosso and eucalyptus radiata.

Common packaging in amber glass with with drip cap


Lovely blended concoctions mixing high quality oils with our Eucalyptus radiata. The lavender used in our blends is either steam distilled on site, or sourced locally to create an authentic High Country product.


E. radiata in Organic Sweet Almond oil

E. radiata with Lavender Oil in Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Lx intermedia Grosso in Organic Sweet Almond oil

Common packaging in amber glass with roll-on applicator


A co-product of essential water solution created during steam distillation of oil.

50mL & 100mL Eucalyptus radiata hydrosol

Common packaging in amber glass with atomiser

100mL Lavender Lx intermedia Grosso hydrosol

Packaged in amber glass with atomiser

500mL Eucalyptus radiata hydrosol

Packaged in recyclable PET amber bottle with trigger spray

5L Eucalyptus radiata hydrosol

Packaged in black fluorinated container with screw top lid

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