Essential Oil Soap Bars & Liquid Soap

A range of natural, country style soaps, hand crafted with charcoal, or essential eucalyptus and lavender oils.


Each soap bar weighs approximately 100g and contains organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil and essential oil.

Soaps are packaged in recycled paper.


Our liquid soap contains either eucalyptus radiata, or Lavender Lx intermedia Grosso essential oil and comes in a 250mL recycled PET bottle.



Essential Oil Soap Bars & Liquid Soap

Option 1
  • Pure unscented Castille bar

    Eucalyptus bar

    Lavender bar

    Eucalyptus & Lavender bar

    Unscented charcoal bar

    Charcoal with Eucalyptus bar

    Charcoal with Lavender bar

    Charcoal with Eucalyptus & Lavender bar

    Eucalyptus liquid soap

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