Refreshing Hydrosol Mist

Our hydrosols are aromatic essential solutions resulting from pure water steam distillation processing of naturally occurring eucalyptus radiata, or lavender as Lx intermedia Grosso. The eucalyptus spray has a fresh peppermint fragrance, whilst the lavender creates a calming mood. Hydrosols are lighter than the 100% oil.



Phone 0421 369 375 for delivery options of 500mL and 5L hydrosol.

Mail orders over 5kg may be subject to additional Australia Post charges ~ thanks for your understanding.



Consult your healthcare professional for possible side effects

  • Eucalyptus as a restorative room spray and air freshener
  • Body and hair mist
  • Cooling foot spray
  • Soothing relief from acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • To reduce oily hair
  • Linen spray
  • Car freshener
  • As a gentle glass cleaner - great for reading glasses
  • To freshen and deodorise pets bedding
  • Natural insect repellent


  • Lavender as a calming room spray, particularly in the bedroom
  • May reduce stress or anxiety
  • To relieve skin irritation


  • Combine hydrosols as directed for skincare or mix with essential oils for aromatherapy

Refreshing Hydrosol Mist

  • 50mL and 100mL sizes in amber glass bottle with atomiser

    500mL size in recyclable amber PET bottle with spray

    5L size in black fluorinated container with screw top lid

    15mL size in aluminium purse or travel atomiser, with 25mL aluminium refill cannister.


  • Store in a closed container, in cool area away from heat and light.


    Skin test before use for potential allergic reactions.


    Avoid contact with eyes.


    For external use only - do not ingest.


    Pregnant women, children and those with medical conditions should discuss applications with a qualified aromatherapist, or physician before using.

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